About Retifism

Editor’s Perspective About Retifism

After 20+ years in the shoe industry, you begin to see more than just footwear. Even Forrest Gump and his mother knew that “you could tell a lot about a person by their shoes.” I don’t claim to be a psychologist, but I have counseled thousands upon thousands of people on their footwear choices. This craft takes many levels of understanding. Shoes let us know how serious a person takes themselves.

For example, one may purchase “riding boots” for the look, another may actually be an equestrian athlete. Knowing the difference in quality of the footwear is one aspect, however ….the price an athlete pays to wear the Parlanti’s is evident. Seeing an attractive woman wearing stylish “riding boots” may be cute, but seeing the dedication of the equestrian to her craft is sexy.

One thing to consider about retifism is understanding the body language and other signals and mannerisms are measurable. To watch a person’s confidence, to see their change in gait cannot be ignored. I’ll never discount the countless customers I have consulted, and the compliments that these women have received. To know about retifism at this stage of my life is to find a name for the root of my style superpower. I want people to better understand the full-spectrum concerning retifism. As well as knowing that is not about peoples’ feet, it’s clearly about choices.

In my world the outfit begins from the ground up. We build classic looks by focusing on the main activity. Once the activity is known and understood – who you are and how you do it determines your footwear selection. Everyone knows that if your feet are hurting, your night will be miserable.

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