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Neatly framed in stunning 48″x32″ canvas digital realistic art, our Celebrity Lifestyle Goddess “MistressFeet” is captured in all her mysterious femme fatale glory standing tall in her sultry shiny stiletto-heeled boots. The paradox of her sensual beauty, contrasted against a sinisterly seductive BDSM-inspired dark and mysterious dominatrix gives off bold vibes of passionate power. Her lusciously full lips poppin’ in a glossy shade of classic red lipstick exquisite against her d Signature black and white, sepia or duotone aesthetic.

This piece of modern contemporary art dares to captures the perfect intersection of pop culture and audacity. It’s a work of art that begs to be admired and celebrated. For along with the shoes, there’s a sexy confidence and aura of rebelliousness that you can sense right off the bat.

This is your perfect captivating conversation starter, as you’re sure to get plenty of admiration and inquiries on this masterpiece. This makes for a great gift to yourself or a loved one with a penchant for appreciating art, fashion and power wrapped into one vibrantly captivating piece- perfect for adding a touch of jewels personality to any room or setting.

Paying homage to the magical nostalgia of the 1950’s, but with a modern edge. We dare to show our strength and passion with style and grace. It’s time to own it, and let your imagination be your guide. Let’s praise the power that shoes and boots bring to the wearer.

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