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This mesmerizing and bold digital realistic photo art of 48’x32′ canvas is a BDSM-inspired dark and mysterious Femme Fatale, featuring the lifestyle goddess MistressFeet, elegantly adorned in her shiny pointed stiletto-heeled boots. The breathtaking image is beautifully captured with high contrast between the black and white, sepia and/or duotone and the bold red of her tantalizing lipstick.

The subtle sensuality and compelling power of the striking boots, against her fishnet stockings, instantly sear the exotic image into our memory. Commando style, the exquisite leather encircles her thigh-highs, creating an alluring silhouette which entices us to explore the depths of her domination.

Discover the passion and strength she holds in her grasp as she dons her thigh-high boots – a powerful armour for today’s modern woman, with a fierce desire to dominate. As a lifestyle goddess and retifist, MistressFeet knows the importance of perfect choice of footwear, noticing the most miniscule details of what she wishes to fulfill her unique sense of domination.

Experiencing this unique and modern form of art is a perfect way to let your own inward strength be unleashed. Check out the intricate detailing and the nuances in the Divine Cloud Co.’s Digital realistic photo art canvas, capture her powerful presence and intensify your own inner fire for dominion.

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