Mistress Cleopatra VII.- Canvas



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Capture the bold and mysterious aura of a true Femme Fatale with this 48″x32″ digital realistic photo art canvas of Celebrity Lifestyle Goddess, MistressFeet. Her passion and power shines through draped in fishnets and commanding attention in her shiny Stiletto-Heeled Boots – adding an even darker, yet mesmerizing touch to her enigma.

Choose between classic Black and White, sepia or duotone to finish the canvas. All options will lend to the BDSM-inspired dark and mysterious domineering nature of MistressFeet whilst enhancing the details of her boots. Accenting her look with a bold red lipstick will further add emphasis to her beguiling eyes and captivating style.

Through this digital realistic photo art canvas, the passion and power shoes and boots bring to the wearer shines through and will forever imprint itself in any modern art space. Display her in your living space, office or gallery on a contemporary art canvas to exude an unmatched, intriguing ambiance, inviting curiosity and conversation from all who visits.

A vision of exuberant life and impeccable styling – There is no doubt the exquisite, confident woman portrayed by MistressFeet on this digital realistic photo art canvas will continue to bring forth boldness, elegance and appeal with each passing glance. #MistressFeet #Retifism #RadCrae #DigitalMasterpiece #DigitalArtCanvas #ContemporaryArt #Dominatrix #WomenEmpowerment #PassionAndPower #FemmeFatale #StilettoHeelBoots #BDSMStyle #PowerfulStyle

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