Stiletto Retifism

Stilettos are heels that define a “classic” look. The height of the heel is notable, as well as its slender shape. Quality is a must for this type of design, because the heel must be strong enough to support the wearer. Designers must consider the materials they use to make these shoes very carefully. Often metals or sometimes carbon fibre is used in construction of the heels and shank for a smart balance of strength and symmetry. If the materials chosen for the heel are too heavy it will weight the shoe down.
A heavy pair of Stilettos will not be worn for long. They would require too much for the shoe to stay on, and the slipping could cause a blister.

Retifism Staff

The woman wearing stiletto heels will always get the second glance. She is an icon of grace and balance wrapped-up in the sexiest shoe on earth. A Stiletto is a long, thin, high heel that is named after the stiletto knife, which shares the same slender characteristics and killer instincts. The stiletto heel was first …

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