Mistress Athena’s Iron Maiden.- Canvas



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The Candy Store Collection by Retifism celebrates bold fashion featuring patent leather eyecandy in a passionate composition of vibrant Pantone Colors of the year. Visualizing the dreams of daring women, these wall art pieces come to life with a captivating collage of lollipop high-heels, superhero boots, and delectible shoes. Shining a spotlight on the forms of a daring woman, this daring design features delectible textures, patterns, and hues in hues that draw the eye, heightening the feel of her passion and strength. From the high heel stilettos to the knee-high boots, Retifism takes footwear fetishism to a daring level, creating candy superhero boots and heel shoes that are equal parts provocative and sophisticated. Whether decorating a bedroom or an office, these stunning pieces of bold artwork make a bold statement about female presence and power. As perfect gift or decoration for any woman, the Candy Store Collection will bring a daring flavor to any space. #Retifism #Retifist #Passion #Shoes #Heels #Boots #KneeHigh #Fashion #Artwork #Decor #Fetishism #PatentLeather #WallArt #Vibrant #CandySuperhero #LollipopHighHeels #Delectible #Shiny #EqualPartsProvocative #Sophisticated #DaringWoman

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