Mistress Cleopatra the Great.- Canvas



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This dark and mysterious Femme Fatale, all dressed up in her BDSM-inspired look, will leave you captivated. Her patent leather get-up features black thigh-high boots and gloves that are sure to turn heads. Not to mention her iconic heels from passion-shoes-and-boots that add a pop of color and shine to her mysterious aura. She is a force of nature and a master of her own domain- her powerful stance commands attention and ignites an inner fire. She manages to embody both strength and femininity, making her a dazzling paradox. In this canvas truly captures her with her captivating pose, sleek leather, and fire-red heels giving her an alluring look that will mesmerize you. If you’re looking for a piece that will command attention and add a touch of passion and mystery to your space- this Femme Fatale canvas is the perfect choice. #femmefatale #retifism #retifist #passionshoesandboots #BDSM #heels #leather #highheels #canvass #art #canvasart #motivation #mystery

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