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Introducing Retifism Bold and Stunning Patent Leather Pop Art “Candy Store Collection”. An explosive series of canvases drawing inspiration from the world of BDSM, this collection exudes both of strength and vulnerability. Featuring a vibrantly colorful collage of images focusing on womens shoes, lollipop high-heels and wondrous candy superhero boots. Each canvas is powered with the Pantone Colors of the Year to highlight and bring eye-catching life to each of the scenes. An array of bold pastel colors make the perfect backdrop to these delectible boots and sumptuous stiletto heel shoes. The attention to detail in each element of the design is clear, as the passion and beauty of womens colorful shoes and boots are captured in Retifism’s unique style. A balance of both strength and poise, Retifism’s devilishly daring “Candy Store Collection” brings BDSM inspired art to life in a vivid and unique way. #Retifism #Retifist #PatentLeatherPopArt #PantoneColors #BDSMCollageArt #LollipopHighHeels #CandySuperderHeroBoots #WomensShoesAndBoots #PassionAndBeauty #StrengthAndVulnerability #RetifismCollection #VibrantColorfulCanvases #BoldPastelColors

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