Mistress Vivienne LaVache: The Iron Maiden.- Canvas



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Introducing a bold and stunning piece to complete your home decor, the Retifism Patent Leather Pop Art Collection. Featuring an array of colorful and fashion-forward styles, this collection of wall art exudes confidence and attitude. Taking from Pantone’s Colors of the Year, this vibrant “Candy Store Collection” of wall art focuses on womens shoes, lollipop high-heels and womens shiny candy superhero boots. This collection will help bring out your inner fashionista and add a modern pop flair to your space.

Embellished with unique artistry and designs, the canvas is inspired by a women’s BDSM-influenced style. Let your living space reflect that unique aesthetic with an array of high fashion shoes, sparkling jewelry and triumphant superhero boots. The artwork is created in striking color combinations – a deep, royal blue; a powerful metallic red; shimmery pink and purple hues; and golden yellow. The intense development of this artwork will have onlookers in awe of its intense expression and female energy.

Be a part of the Retifist movement and energize your home with a classic style of artistry made specifically to captivate attention. Hang this extraordinary piece of art above your fireplace, or bring a light, airy, and unique luminance to your bedroom. The Retifism Patent Leather Pop Art Collection of wall art will truly make your space stand out from the rest. #Retifism #Retifist #PatentLeather #LollipopHeels #CandySuperHeroBoots #PassionShoes #PassionBoots #ShinyCandy #BDSMInspired #VibrantCandyStore #Pantone #PantoneColorsOfTheYear #WomensShoes

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