Mistress Cleopatra the Great.- Canvas



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Set your scene in motion with the Retifism patent leather Mistress Femme Fatale. This dark and mysterious dominatrix will lead the way in contemporary art, showcasing a perfect blend of black and white, sepia and duotone. She will make a statement with fishnet stockings and thigh-high boots as she stands proud, her lips painted red in bold contrast to her edgy ensemble. Her look is completed with leather vamps, pants and skirts, as well as spikes and chains running along her body for an added unique edge.

Worn with passion and confidence, the Retifism Femme Fatale knows exactly how to express her power with each move. Take command of your scene and bring a unique and daring individual to life. Capture her aura of mystery and strength through layers of leather, heeled boots and bold red lipstick, all set against a contemporary art canvas in duotone and sepia.

Just like you, the Retifism Femme Fatale is strong and unique. Show off your power and passion in the perfect combination of tantalizing leather, daring spikes and fiery red lipstick. Step into the shoes of the Retifism Femme Fatale and become your own statement for the ultimate dark and mysterious look.

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