Mistress Delilah’s Tormenting Wheel.- Canvas



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Our Retifism bold and stunning patent leather Pop-Art “Candy Store Collection” of wall art is an eye-catching tribute to feminine beauty. Featuring vibrant Pantone Colors of the Year, your collage of images will be dominated by delicious delectible womens shoes, lollipop high-heels, and becomingly superhero boots. Stare into the saucy gleam of shinycandy and iconic stiletto heel shoes — these colorful adornments draw the eye and fill the room with joy.

Our Retifism collection features a classic craftsmanship skillfully blended with vibrantmodern style. Your grinning lollipops and cartoonish scene will evoke a BDSM-inspired nostalgia that nobody can resist. Spanning a wide range of hue and emotion, you’ll come away inspired. The foreceful power of the woman comes alive here with flowing emotion and tantalizingly creative refreshment.

Retifism’s “Candy Store Collection” is the perfect way to bring focus and attention to your home or office. Hang it proudly on your wall and receive compliments from your visitors. With its cheerful and creative canvass of candy-coated womens shoes, lollipop-heels, and dazzlingly colorful superheroes — you’ll find something to say about every strut, snap, and spike. In celebration of feminine power and style, turn to Retifism and bring your walls to life. #retifism #retifist #shoes #heels #lollipops #highheels #cartoons #popart #pantone #candystore #colors #feminist #superheroes #collageart

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