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The Retifism Pop Art ‘Candy Store Collage’ Collection is for the daring and the brave. An assemblage of patent leather pumps, lollipop high-heels and superhero candy boots with vivid flashes of Pantone’s colors of the year break the silence of any room. This canvas will become a captivating reminder of BDSM passion – enabling the woman stepping out in her candy-colored shoes to own her story and embrace her unique sexuality.
Retifism’s signature combination of vibrant shapes and heavy embossing paints an otherworldly narrative of gritty, street-inspired graffiti. This bold composition of art diamonds and rectangles playfully show a vibrant assortment of delectable women’s shoes and boots, unhinging the canvas from the wall.

The subject of Retifism Pop Art ‘Candy Store Collection’ is to instill a sense of admiration for the female form, to celebrate each individual and their femininity in all of its captivating shapes and sizes. By combining dreamy pastel palettes with a kaleidoscope of Cadbury colours, this artwork is the perfect gift for any 21st century female to express her distinct ‘shoeplay’ style.

Accentuate any wall with a distinct statement like this ‘Candy Store Collection’ Retifism Pop Art collage and embolden the essence of self-confidence. With a flash of femme fatale, this wall art will transport you on a sensual journey and celebrate women of past, present and future. #Retifism #Retifist #PassionShoes #Boots #CandyStore #Collage #WallArt #FemmeFatale #PatentLeather #PopArt #Kaleidoscope #Cadbury #Lollipop #Shoeplay #Superhero #Vibrant #Shiny #BDSM #Dreamy #Pastel #Pantone #ColorsOfTheYear

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