Mistress Venus LaFleur and the Iron Maiden.- Canvas



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Style and glamour comes boldly to life with our Retifism Patent Leather Pop Art – Candy Store Collage collection. Perfect for the daring fashion maven, this vibrant and luxurious art features succulent and sumptuous high-heel shoes, delectable boots, and delightful superhero candy boots. Our Pantone Color of the Year selection brings these playful images to life and makes this canvas as bright and exciting as the person who is sure to wear it proudly.

When you lay eyes on this stunning statement piece, you won’t be able to help but smile. The designs focus on the passion of fashionable footware, with a special emphasis on womens shoes and patent leather boots. Offering a BDSM-Inspired collage to your collection can bring life to any room, and the stylish shoe imagery makes it a scene stealer at events.

The intricately detailed images, along with the luxurious patent leather texture, brings life and energy to this Pop Art canvas. This upbeat esthetic makes any wall look twice as good, and you can rest assured knowing that you are getting the best quality prints. Now you don’t have to worry about fading or tearing, and the image quality is satisfying.

For the daring fashionista, this Retifism Patent Leather Pop Art – Candy Store Collage collection is a perfect way to make a statement. Collectible and fashion-forward, this wall art is apt to make any home décor look much trendier. #retifism #retifist #patentleather #pantonecolors #candystorecollection #shoes #boots #highheels #superherboots #daringfashion #fashionstatement #stylestatement #sumptuousshoes #luxuriouspatentleather #BDSMinspiredcollage #vibrantstyle #makeastatement

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