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Introducing the Retifism Bold and Stunning Patent Leather POP Art Vibrant “Candy Store” Collection! This eye-catching art canvas is sure to be the pride of any home or office space! These vibrant and uniquely chosen Pantone Color hues of the year and delectible coloring of boots and lollipop high-heels will undoubtedly brighten any room. Whether it’s the retro-esque gesture of the womens superhero boots or the sumptuous stiletto heels, this piece will prove to be an enthralling conversation piece. And no piece of art enjoys the BDSM-inspired fusion of Retifism quite like this one. Represented with an alluring level of meticulous detail, the wearer will undoubtedly feel the raw, exuberant passion of their shoes and boots. So be bold, be daring, and add this smoke-show of a canvas to your walls. Its sure to provide the Retifism style you’re after and make a statement worthy of admiration! #retifism #retifist #boldandstunning #patentleather #pantonecolors #womensboots #shoesandboots #lollipopheels #stilettoheels #highheels #superheroboots #retrostyle #fusionstyle #vibrantcanvas #delectiblecoloring #rawexuberance #artstatement #statementpiece

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