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Celebrity Lifestyle Goddess MistressFeet is now available to add to your walls in a digital realistic photo art canvas, with a provoking scene of her standing with power and dominance in her high heel stiletto boots and fishnets. With her mysterious and commanding femme fatale demeanor, the contrast of powerful black and white or sepia and duotone imageryagainst her bold red lips will serve to bring an aura of BDSM-inspired darkness and mystery to the room.

No matter the setting, this 48′ x 32′ canvas of MistressFeet and her fashionable boots from the knees down, will easily capture the attention of all those who enter. Her regal stance and perfect poise only add to her formidable presence. Artistically crafted to bring out her passionate nature, you won’t regret bringing her energy and soul to your walls.

Let MistressFeet, the Celebrity Lifestyle Goddess, inspire you everyday with her bold style. Let her bring to life the energy, power and freedom that having the perfect pair of shoes can bring. Whether you have an appreciation for dreamy femme fatales, dominatrix scenes or you simply need a day-maker, you’ll find it in MistressFeet and her iconic Boots on Canvas.

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