Mistress Delilah’s Whip of Torment.- Canvas



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Introducing our newest Patent Leather Pop Art Collection from Retifism: the Candy Store. Let us take you back to your childhood days at the candy store with our chord of vibrant and bold colors mixed with stylish touches of patent leather. Every canvas in our line is designed to spotlight the gorgeous array of shoes and boots we bring to you. From lollipop high-heels to sumptuous stiletto heels and even dreamy, superhero boots – our handcrafted art will take your décor style to the next level.

Our exclusive pieces brightened with Pantone Colors of the Year come to life with a fashion forward twist that is perfect for those who appreciate BDSM inspired style. We hand-pick the details of each piece to add that special touch, ensuring the images fit harmoniously into a larger picture, making for an outstanding visual experience. Mixing your love of shoes and boots with passion for sophisticated art has never been so effortless and affordable.

This Retifism collection will provide a bold statement wherever you choose to hang it. Whether you are looking for an edgy piece for the bedroom, the living room, or outdoor patio area, there is guaranteed to be something perfectly fit for you. #retifism #retifist #patentleather #candystorecollection #vibrantcolors #stilesheels #lollipopheels #superheroboots #boldandstunning #highheelshoes #dreamyboots #edgyart #luxuryshoes #BDSMstyle #Pantonetones #artpiece

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